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We've been making rugged steel footlockers for over 20 years. Over the years, we've seen our trunks used for many different things.

"Completely satisfied does not begin to describe how I feel about your product. The quality is so far beyond anything else I've ever seen..."

Trunks for Boarding Schools & Military Academies
Trunks for Retail Displays Trunks for Attorneys & Accountants Trunks for Corporate Gifts
Trunks for Luggage

  • 3/8" Solid Aspen Plywood
  • Steel Exterior
  • Hand Screwed, Nickel Plated Hardware
  • Scratch Resistant, Baked-On Enamel Finish
  • Fully Lined Interior is water resistant and virtually tear-proof
  • Includes our exclusive Glide & Go Tray
  • Fast shipping
  • Lifetime Free Repair Warranty, if it breaks, we will fix it for as long as you own it

C&N Footlockers are available in 14 different colors and 4 sizes.

If you plan on loading up your footlocker the way most people do, you'll want to add wheels to make transporting it easier. The wheels are removable for long-term storage.

We also have nameplates and a great selection of padlocks to choose from.

"It is by far the best quality footlocker I have been able to find for my needs. Also, your telephone customer service person was very nice and friendly. What Service! It arrived on time and in perfect condition. Thank you so much!!"

If our largest trunk is not big enough we have Space Bag Footlocker Kits that will allow you fit more than twice as much stuff inside your trunk.

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